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Senketsu by Dndy2016 Senketsu :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 2 0 Ryuko and Mako doodle by Dndy2016 Ryuko and Mako doodle :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 2 0 Ryuko Matoi doodles by Dndy2016 Ryuko Matoi doodles :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 2 0 Doodle test by Dndy2016 Doodle test :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 3 0 Shin_Genkijoban by Dndy2016 Shin_Genkijoban :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 1 Kyoko and Asuka by Dndy2016 Kyoko and Asuka :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 4 Yui Ikari by Dndy2016 Yui Ikari :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 4 Lilith/Rei by Dndy2016 Lilith/Rei :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 6 4 Kyoko Heilig Yamato by Dndy2016 Kyoko Heilig Yamato :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 0 False Regeneration by Dndy2016 False Regeneration :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 9 Kotono Takahashi - Doodles by Dndy2016 Kotono Takahashi - Doodles :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 4 2 Shin Godzilla by Dndy2016 Shin Godzilla :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 11 0 XTC - First Look by Dndy2016 XTC - First Look :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 6 0 How To Defeat an Angel, by Asuka Langley by Dndy2016
Mature content
How To Defeat an Angel, by Asuka Langley :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 5 8
How To Defeat an Angel (IN-PROGRESS) by Dndy2016 How To Defeat an Angel (IN-PROGRESS) :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 7 16 How To Defeat an Angel (PREVIEW) by Dndy2016 How To Defeat an Angel (PREVIEW) :icondndy2016:Dndy2016 7 22


Arael Olgernis /Jesiah Black  Xenogears 0.1 by josdavi94 Arael Olgernis /Jesiah Black Xenogears 0.1 :iconjosdavi94:josdavi94 4 2 Stage 23. The end on the Moon of Evangelion by josdavi94 Stage 23. The end on the Moon of Evangelion :iconjosdavi94:josdavi94 9 0 Keizer Ghidorah Render by Wikizilla Keizer Ghidorah Render :iconwikizilla:Wikizilla 23 0
The Bridge: Dance with me, Sensei!
Mariner “Chibi” Moon tugged at her sensei, Godzilla Junior, by the hoof to lead him into the training room. But instead of Junior’s typical choice arrangement of targets, weight gear, and padding; she’d pushed that all to the side and had a music player set up next to a table.
“Come on, come on Sensei! I’mma teach you how to dance!”, she yelped eagerly and wagging her tail as she ran up to the music player.
Godzilla Junior just grunted, “....Nani?” (What?)
“Silly sensei! You wanna make good with Best Princess again after your stunt on Mako riiiiiiight? Well, mares love a good dance and I know one!”
“I... really don’t think that is going to work, Chibi.”
“Why not?”
“There are many things I have done. Dancing is not one of them in a long time.”
“So you have before?”
“Rodan got us all doing this one after we repelled King Ghidorah, we never spoke of it again. This
:icontarbano:tarbano 15 21
A different kind of (de)buff by BlooberBoy
Mature content
A different kind of (de)buff :iconblooberboy:BlooberBoy 583 11
Commission 40 by Vipery-07art Commission 40 :iconvipery-07art:Vipery-07art 116 11 Commission 39 by Vipery-07art Commission 39 :iconvipery-07art:Vipery-07art 45 11 perspective by thesexycup perspective :iconthesexycup:thesexycup 14 16 Hinata Hyuuga by thesexycup Hinata Hyuuga :iconthesexycup:thesexycup 26 11 April O'Neil - Waxing - Cartoon Pinup Commission by HugoTendaz April O'Neil - Waxing - Cartoon Pinup Commission :iconhugotendaz:HugoTendaz 412 9 Composizione306r by claudio51 Composizione306r :iconclaudio51:claudio51 132 27 Composizione245r by claudio51 Composizione245r :iconclaudio51:claudio51 135 38 Composizione309r by claudio51 Composizione309r :iconclaudio51:claudio51 163 38 Composizione202r by claudio51 Composizione202r :iconclaudio51:claudio51 166 24 Commission #184 by cutesexyrobutts Commission #184 :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 452 13 Makoto Niijima sketch by cutesexyrobutts Makoto Niijima sketch :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 969 16



Made this Senketsu drawing.

Kill la Kill belongs to Trigger.
Ryuko and Mako doodle
Made a doodle of the best friends ever. Including Senketsu.

Kill la Kill belongs to Trigger.
Doodle test
Well, a new year has begun, and so, I decided to do more new stuff to begin the year.
This is the last drawing of a long year, a very challenging one. To end the year, I made this drawing, based on the poster of the last Evangelion movie.

Evangelion belongs to Khara and Hideaki Anno.
Hello! It has been awhile since the last journal, and many things have happened since. This time, a new project for me has begun, and it will be quite the challenge to do. An story that is both a parody and homage to Mecha and Toku shows, as well as Japanese culture.

The story is in the making, but the first chapter of it will begin to be written soon. Many details about the plot will be keep a secret for sometime, but what I can say is that the story will be inspired by Evangelion, Mazinger Z, Gundam, Gunbuster, and a little bit by Kekko Kamen, Kill la Kill, Cutie Honey, and TTGL, at least in tone by the later four. It will get dark at times, but not too dark. I can say that the tone will change at times, but I will try to make sure that the tones do not clash with each other. 

What can I say about the plot is that it will take place in the year 2115, and it will be set in Japan, and that the main characters will fight against an evil warlord that has a rather.... interesting plan. It will star three girls as the pilots of a mecha, and the plot will be about them dealing with their lifes as pilots, their struggles, and much more. Along with the girls, the story will focus on Professor Tachiki, the creator of the XTC, and how he deals with the bureacracy that is dealing with the consequences each fight has, as well as the budget the goverment gives him. 

Another major character in the story is Captain Kotono Takahashi, the woman who will be in charge of the three pilots, and who will be taking care of the girls, giving them a home, and making sure they get along. 

Of course, the character will have depth, but that will be explored in many chapters of the second half of the story.

The story will be NSFW, but not very heavy on those themes... well maybe. It will be more playful than anything, and it may not always be about the fanservice. 

A proposal drawing showing the three main characters of the story will be done soon too, along with a prototype design of the main mecha of the story. More drawings of the rest of the characters will be done in a later day.

The drawings of the characters will be SFW, just in case anyone is wondering. Since I´m not great at drawing yet, I will make more drawings of the characters as I improve with time.

The first and second chapters will be posted by next month, if I have the time, but I do expect that the first half of the story will be completed by next year or so. 

I hope the story is a successs, and that many like it! I will try my best with this story, as it has finally been something that I needed to do to get inspired to continue writting. 

With all said, see you next time!


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Alexis Salinas Contreras
Artist | Student | Varied
Just a normal guy that like to do many things, and meet people from many places!

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Listening to the great Queen.

Reading the great IQ84. by Haruki Murakami.


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